Posted by Holster Brands

So maybe your hair hasn’t told you yet, but it’s really excited for summer. Summer is the time it gets to be free, and boy, is it looking forward to it.  Check out the summer hair trends your hair is longing for. Loose, casual, and ready for fun.

1. Beach Hair. We are seeing this flowy, wavy hair everywhere. This hairstyle is in such demand, there are now beach sprays that you can put in your hair to give it that salty, beachy texture.  Or even do it yourself recipes. Yes people, you can make your own ocean (aka salt water) to spray in your hair. You can get this wavy look by twisting your hair tightly and sleeping on it overnight, or by using a Beachwaver Curling Iron to make twists as shown in this tutorial. Tousle it a little and voilà...beautiful, wavy, beachy hair

2. Headbands. Such a simple way to add style to your look. Place a headband around your beachy waves or day old hair and your done. Simple solutions are often the most beautiful.


3. The Messy Bun. This is a great summer look that is easy to do. It gets your hair up and out of the way without sacrificing style. Messy = You’re doing it right. Here’s a great tutorial from Zoella on how to get an easy, messy bun. Adding a bandana on occasion gives it additional longevity through the summer.


4. A good, messy side braid. We love the loose, free summer look.  Are you sensing a messy theme here? Summer is definitely the time to get a little messy.  And if your in the mood to try something a little more unique, check out this amazing french rope twist @ anniesforgetmeknots.  


5. Twists. Taking part of your hair on one side or both and twisting it back is an elegant summer statement. It’s an easy way to wrangle in beach or pool frenzied bangs. An updated, bohemian look that says I’m ready for a peaceful summer.

What are your best summer hairstyles? Are they different than during other times of the year? What about short hair in the summer? We’d love to hear what works for you.