A few years ago, I was having a problem in my bathroom…with my flat iron. Actually, It wasn't really my flat iron's fault - I blamed it fully on my pedestal sink. A pedestal sink is not the ideal place to get ready. The smooth, slanted, and narrow edge was nowhere to set down a hot flat iron. Every time I did it was a like bad balancing act that usually resulted with my tool slipping into the sink or onto the floor. What made me even more nervous was the risk to my 2 year old daughter who was often by my side as I got ready. I worried she would grab the cord and get burned - not to mention the danger of an electrical appliance near water!

All moms out there know the day to day challenges our job encounters. From toddlers practicing their Picasso on the walls to kissing boo-boo's to finding out where that smell is coming from - we can fix and figure out anything. So finally, after fits of frustration with my flat iron, I took matters into my own hands. I went into my kitchen, grabbed a silicone oven mitt, and two hot pads and then sat down at my sewing machine. What I created wasn't pretty - but it worked... perfectly. That first Hot Iron Holster made my mornings better - and still does. In fact, it worked so well I created Holsters for my kitchen sponge, my glue gun, my razor - and many other items I use daily and that I didn't have a good organization solution for.

Made of 100% silicone, I carefully designed and obsessively tested our Holsters for over two years. I kept my "day job" (which was more of a night shift) as an ER nurse in the beginning as I began to research every aspect of starting a business - from obtaining a patent, to manufacturing, marketing, packaging, warehousing, accounting, and so many other things I never knew I'd need to know. With my husband by my side, we have spent countless late nights working to make the best possible products. I hope that what began with my little bathroom "problem" helps solve storage problems you might have too. From one mom to another, may your flat iron always be handy, your dish sponge easy to find, and your glue gun ready to craft your heart out!

President, Holster Brands