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It’s the week before Halloween, which means if you, or your little ones, don’t have a costume by now you’re probably in panic mode! Well don’t fret over what to wear, ‘cause we have a bewitching costume idea that is sure to please even the most persnickety of trick or treaters.


To join the ranks of our favorite wizards you don’t need a strong knowledge of the dark arts, or a house assignment from the sorting hat. What you need is a magic wand! Despite popular belief magic doesn’t come from leprechauns or unicorns…it comes from construction paper and hot glue! Go iron that white shirt, watch a quick tutorial on how to tie a striped tie (that tutorial would probably work for paisley ties too, but let’s not get sidetracked here,) and pull out your black cloak, you’ve got some crafting to do!


To make our Boy Who Lived inspired accessories gather up these items, and get ready to be amazed and astounded!

What You’ll Need:

Now that you have everything in one place let’s make some magic (and by let’s, we mean you…but we’ll be here for moral support if you need us.) Starting from the corner, roll the pencil in the sheet of construction paper diagonally, and secure it with a line of adhesive dots. Load your glue gun with the gold glue and seal every seam with a thin bead of glue. Until the glue cools the wand will be very tricky to handle so beware, and don’t burn yourself. Once cooled add a base, tip, and center ring to the wand (this is your chance to personalize it, so be creative!) Just like that, you’re ready to cast spells!

Wait…what’s that? You say your spell book is a little difficult to read? Well let’s take care of that with a pair of sorcerer’s specs. Load your glue gun with the black glue sticks, and using the flap of your Hobby Holster as a work surface, “draw” two perfect circles about two to two and a half inches in diameter to create the frames for your glasses. Once cooled place the circles about a half inch to an inch apart and draw a slightly curved inverted line between them to create the bridge of the glasses. To make the frames more sturdy (and what self respecting wizard wants to fly around town with flimsy glasses?) you need to flip the frames over and trace every inch of them with more black glue. This will give them more structure and ensure they don’t quit on you mid spell. Now take your pipe cleaners and loop one around each side of the glasses, then twist each one together to form a temple on each side (truth be told…we didn’t know those stick things holding our glasses up were called temples either!) Now fit your new spectacles to your face, bend the temples to fit your ear, and you’re almost ready to go.

Depending on which Gryffindor resident you choose to dress up as, you may need a little added flair in the shape of a lightning bolt. To recreate that infamous scar simply load your glue gun with orange (or an other color that somewhat matches your skin tone.) Using your Hobby Holster as a work surface, draw a lightning bolt about an inch long, Once it has cooled, cut an adhesive dot in half and use that to attach the lightning bolt to your forehead.

Enjoy your new found powers, but beware of He Who Shall Not Be Named…he’s a sneaky one!

You’re officially a member of the wizard community…congratulations!