Posted by Holster Brands

Have you ever spent hours upon hours (or maybe 10-15 minutes) creating the perfect colored egg, only to set it back in the crate to dry and have your masterpiece RUINED?!? Let’s face it, those crates weren’t designed to handle art, and the little punch out circles on the egg dye box aren’t much better. It’s okay though, we’ve found the cure for your egg dying blues. Our E.G.G.S (Easy Glue Glob Stands) are just as functional as they are we will use any excuse to break out the butter!

Here’s what you’ll need to create the perfect eggs with our perfect E.G.G.S:

You’ll laugh when you see how easy the E.G.G.S are...and then you’ll wonder why nobody ever thought of these before! First you’ll need to load your glue gun with a glue stick (and that may be the hardest step here.) Using the flap of your Hobby Holster as a workspace, make a nice glob of hot glue. Before the glue cools, take the measuring spoon and dip the back into the softened butter (this will ensure the spoon doesn’t stick in the glob.) Take the spoon and and press it into the center of the glue glob to create a little well in the center. Voila! Once the glue cools, you’ve got yourself the perfect stand. You can make as many of these as you need just by repeating the previous steps. 

diy easter egg stands easy

We’re eggcited for you to put your new E.G.G.S to good use, so go ahead and boil up a batch of eggs. We’re not here to tell you how to color them, so feel free to eggspress yourself with your hardboiled egg art. Once you’ve created your masterpieces it’s time to put your E.G.G.S to good use. Keep your creativity from rolling all over the table while they dry, AND give them a place to perch if you decide to take them to the next level. 

You know those little plastic sleeves that come in the box of egg dye. The ones that require a hot styling tool to shrink them onto the egg. What if, (now hear us out on this one) there was a more appropriate tool to use for those wraps. We can answer that one...there is! If you don’t already have an embossing gun...let us go on the record as saying you NEED to add this tool to your crafting arsenal. Not only can you keep your your crafting game in tip top form, but it also shrinks those little sleeves down lightning fast. All you need to do is set your eggs in your E.G.G.S, place the decorative sleeve over your egg, and hold the tip of your embossing gun about an inch away from it until the sleeve has shrunk to fit snug around it. That’s it...we know, why didn’t someone think of this before? We hope you enjoy decorating your eggs as much as we enjoy thinking of ways to make your life a little easier.

Happy Egg Coloring!