Posted by Holster Brands

We all know we’re supposed to eat our veggies, but when the holidays roll around it’s hard to control our fiery sugar dragons. Can you blame us? There is an entire holiday devoted to going door to door and asking for free candy…genius! This kind of easy access to every fun sized candy under the sun is a party for our mouths, but a problem for our waistlines. If only there was a way to satisfy our love of sugary treats, and our closeted craftiness at the same time? But wait…maybe there is! Don’t miss out on your favorite Halloween treat this year. Instead of sitting down with a giant bowl of candy corn, you can make a decorative candy corn bunting that will be as satisfying to look at as those tri-colored goodies are to snack on! 

To make our candy corn inspired bunting you only need a few items:
  • Orange, Yellow, and White colored glue sticks
  • A glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Jute or Burlap twine
  • A Hobby Holster  
  • Candy Corn (kidding…don’t you think we should all cut back a little?)

Before we begin, our legal department would like for us to make it perfectly clear that no part of the finished product is edible…translation, please don’t eat the giant candy corn!

First you’ll want to load the yellow glue stick into your gun and “draw” a good sized trapezoid (it’s okay if you don’t remember your high school geometry terms…that’s what we’re here for!)

Now load in your orange glue stick and draw a slightly longer and slightly narrower trapezoid that is connected to the yellow one (can you see our vision yet?)

Next, load in your white glue stick and draw a triangle tip for your candy corn (remember…we don’t eat these no matter how real they may look!)

Once it has cooled, take your scissors and trim the lines on your giant candy corn to form a triangle with slightly rounded corners, and a blunt tip, just like the real deal. Repeat all of the steps until you have a gaggle of candy corn (This probably isn’t the correct term, but what’s good for the goose is even better for the candy corn, right?)

When you have enough candy corn to decorate your chosen area, measure out your twine, so it can hang loose, with a slight dip to it. Starting on one end of your twine, attach each candy corn to the twine with a thin line of glue. Glue on the rest of the candy corn in the same manner, making sure to space them out with equal distance between them.

Hang your bunting, and enjoy a nice salad while you admire it…okay AND one handful of candy corn, but don’t go crazy!

Happy Candy Consuming!