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With the holidays quickly approaching, there are dinners to plan, gifts to purchase, parties to attend, and homes to decorate. The hours seem to get shorter while our to do lists multiply by the minute. So when we put our heads together to come up with a way to bring you a little early holiday cheer AND make your life a little bit easier, this fun kids’ craft was the result. We call it a kids’ craft, but dare you to make it through your meal prep without cutting and pasting a few of these guys together yourself. It’s the best of everything the holiday season represents: fun, family time, and Hobby Holsters! Download the free Thanksgiving Can People Craft Here


To say that this craft is simple would be an understatement! You can gather the supplies for your little feasters to get started in the time it takes to open a can, and remember why you keep buying that jiggly cranberry stuff every year (let’s be honest…nobody really eats it unless it’s homemade.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

So here’s what to do…although it’s pretty self explanatory, we’ll walk you through it the first time. Print out your Can People printable here, break out your coloring tools, and get crazy creative! The magic of this craft is that there is no right or wrong way to go about it. There’s no need to babysit the kids either, because their imaginations will keep them company for quite some time. This frees up some alone time for you and your to do list!


Once your kids have colored to their heart’s content you can help them cut the Can Men (and Woman) into strips, using the guide lines on the paper, and tape or glue them onto the cans. If your kids are old enough to use scissors and tape on their own that just leaves you even more time to crush that chore list! Note: if you plan to use empty, recycled cans please be sure to use a smooth edge can opener to keep little (and big) hands safe from sharp edges.


These Crafty Can People are reminiscent of the old mix and match flip books we loved as kids…no wifi password or charging station required! While your brood is busy creating an army of can creations to keep them occupied for awhile, enjoy the silence, and silliness this craft brings! “Can” you handle the cuteness?