Posted by Holster Brands

Things are getting spooky around here at the Holster Headquarters. To get in the Halloween spirit of things we created this spiderweb garland made out of hot glue.



Many of you may not be aware of the large selection of colors and types of glue sticks on the market for hot glue guns. Long gone are the days of only clear glue sticks! They are now available in color, glitter, glow in the dark, neon, translucent, and there are even some designed just for fabric, wood, or foam. You should always note if the glue sticks are designed for low temperature or high temperature glue guns and also be aware that this wide selection of glue sticks generally are only for the 5/16 diameter glue sticks (the ones that fit the mini glue guns) not the larger glue guns.


For this project, I used metallic silver Modge Podge Melts. These “Melts” are essentially long colored glue sticks that work with any high-temp hot glue gun. I also used a ‘mini’ sized glue gun and a Hobby Holster.



To make this spiderweb garland, I used the flap of my Hobby Holster to “draw” a spiderweb with hot glue. It takes a little practice, but you don’t have to strive for perfection. I found all those little glue ‘hairs’ that always trail off of the tip of the glue gun added a nice effect to the spiderwebs.



After you have made several spiderwebs, you can begin to connect one spiderweb to another. I spaced two spider webs 3-4 inches apart on the flap of my Hobby Holster and strung a line of hot glue between them to connect them together. I kept repeating this, gluing one spiderweb to another, until they formed a long string of ‘garland’.


Here is the finished project. My daughter even made some black spiders out of black glue sticks to set in the spiderwebs. This project was so much fun:) Who knew what you could make out of hot glue, right?!