Posted by Holster Brands

Before smartphones, tablets, cable, and game boxes we knew how to have a good time. We could play for hours by ourselves, only stopping for snack time and potty breaks. Well, we’ve certainly come a long way! We wouldn’t give up modern technology for anything, but it’s nice to hold on to the parts of the past that made life great.

We’ve combined playdough and stamps for one amazing craft project that clearly rocks! Your family will have hours of fun with these homemade stamps…almost as much fun as you’ll have making them!


To create these stamps here’s what you’re going to need:


Simply take one of the rocks and draw a design on it. If you’re creating alphabet stamps be sure to draw the letters backwards so they will read the right way. Repeat with all of your rocks, and once they’re cooled you and your kiddos can pull out the playdough and stamp away! The see through rock makes these stamps extra fun, and you can peel off the glue to reuse them over and over. Enjoy this modern spin on an old time favorite.

Happy stamping!