Posted by Holster Brands

We’ve waited all year for this day…the super bowl of dinner parties! It’s not really fair to let the turkey have all the fun, when for some of us dessert is the real star of the show. We believe that the best is saved for last when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, and for us that means DESSERT! When it’s time to set up our dessert table we like to feast with our eyes before we feast with our mouths. After all, by the time dessert rolls around we sometimes need a little coaxing to put even one more bite into our bulging bellies. Don’t worry…we’ve fashioned an eye catching pie bunting that will draw even the most satiated diner over to check out the desserts. This fun and festive craft will bring out the best in every sweet treat adorning your dessert table, and will have all of your guests wondering what your secret is. It’s no secret…just some good times with a glue gun! 

Here’s what you’ll need to transform your dessert table (or your host’s table if you’re getting a break from hosting this year) from boring to soaring, drab to fab, and bleak to chic (we hope you get the picture here, because we’re out of rhymes.)

Your handy Hobby Holster (can you even imagine your life without it anymore?)
A variety of pie colored glue sticks
Twine (baker’s or regular)

To make this fun (and dare we say fashionable) pie bunting, start by loading your glue gun with brown or gold glue (think pie crust here, and choose accordingly.) Using your Hobby Holster flap as a work surface, draw a line to form the “crust” of the slice of pie (the size of the slice will be determined by the length of your crust, so have that in mind when creating your line…no pressure.) Next, take your pie filling colored glue stick and create the “slice” by drawing a triangle and completely filling it in. Give your filling a chance to cool, and from here you can reload with your crust color to create a lattice top, or maybe load a white stick in to create a dollop (love that word!) of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. What we love about this craft are the bazillion ways to personalize it to suit what’s on your table, or your family favorites. Think of how excited your grandma will be to see her famous lemon meringue pie adorned with a bunting to match!

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of this with your first slice of pie, you can continue making the rest of the slices in the same manner. For the average size real pie you’ll want to create five or six mini slices for your bunting. Cut the sides of each pie slice so they all look nice and neat. 

Now it’s time to finish off the buntings with a little more glue and twine. Measure out a length of twine to allow it to hang loose over the pie. Attach each piece of pie to it with a thin line of glue on their back side. Be sure to equally space your slices so they aren’t clumped together. 

Once all of your slices are attached to the twine take two wooden skewers and tie one end of the twine to each skewer. Repeat these steps to create different pie buntings, from pumpkin to pecan. When it’s time to set up the dessert table be careful not to spend so much time admiring your craftiness that your sneaky cousin steals the last slice of dutch apple pie…again! 

 These buntings are fun, festive, and bring out the best in what’s sure to be an already amazing display of culinary confection. We hope you enjoy making these, and creating fabulous Thanksgiving memories with your family and friends. Most of all, we hope you eat LOTS of pie and dessert…no guilt or calorie counting on Thanksgiving!