• Think Pink on The Better Show

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    We all know pink is one of the "hottest" colors. That's why Megan Meany featured the pink Hot Iron Holster on her Must Have's list at The Better Show and told her viewers that, "It's like something out of Charlie's Angles!"

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  • Real Simple - Make Your Day Easier

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    These "Little Helpers" are truly ingenious. Featured in Real Simple Magazine, the Lil' Holster packs a big punch, featuring a few toothbrushes and toothpaste contained in your bathroom.
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  • Today Show ~ "A Great Investment!"

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    Bobbie Thomas, Today Show Style Editor, featured the Hot Iron Holster in her Today's Style segment and told her fans that, “The Hot Iron Holster is a great investment!” We couldn't agree more, Bobbie.
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  • The Huffington Post - From Hot Mess To Hot Momma

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    Want to know how Holster Brands began? The Huffington Post shares Erin's story about how her idea came to life, and it all started with a contraption nicknamed “Frankenstein”
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  • Banish those dust bunnies for good with tips from our cleaning and organizing expert!

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    Have you ever heard the doorbell ring and prayed it was just the UPS man dropping off a package, because your house looked like it was just hit by a category 5 hurricane? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there, and sadly some of us are still there. It doesn’t have to be this way though. With a few simple changes to your daily routine, you can say goodbye to the clutter and mess once and for all. How you ask? Just ask Amy Evans…our resident cleaning and organizing expert. Here are a few of Amy’s tried and true tips to help you on your way to clean supreme!

    What does your daily/weekly cleaning regimen consist of?


    • Laundry, laundry, laundry!!!
    • Make Beds
    • Morning Dishes/Evening Dishes/Clean kitchen twice a day
    • Pick up bathrooms, pick clothes up off of the floor, straighten up pantry/closets
    • Every few days I clean the bathroom mirrors/countertops + do a bi-weekly toilet cleaning (I have 5 boys, husband included)
    • Organize shoes by front door
    • Straighten up living areas
    • Sweep!!
    • Have kids put backpacks, Homework, toys, and clothes away (from the never ending laundry). Also, stay at home completed homework goes in their storage drawers - so we can keep on top of it.


    • Get caught up on laundry/put clothes away
    • Wash bedding - if needed (I will also wash bedding here and there throughout the week)
    • Check shower curtains for washing if needed
    • Deep clean all of the bathrooms
    • Spot check linen, pantry, fridge and other closets/kitchen cabinets to keep them in order
    • Vacuum, sweep, mop house
    • Dust the entire house, windex french doors, spot check any windows too
    • Get caught up on organizing any paperwork, mail, etc...
    • Check patio's/entry/garage keep those straightened up

    Do you have an annual Spring Cleaning checklist?

    • Windows - inside and out
    • Baseboards
    • Garage: pull everything out, trash stuff, clean floors, shelves, etc...
    • Go through the closet, clothes, toys and thin out and organize
    • Clean light fixtures, under sinks, shampoo carpets
    • Touch up paint where needed
    • Pressure wash house, driveway, sidewalks, etc... if needed
    • Clean out sheds, patio areas, etc…

    What are your go to cleaning products for everyday upkeep?

    • Windex
    • Palmolive Soap with water on a rag for kitchen counters/table (it doesn't leave a film)
    • Clorox wipes for convenience in the bathrooms
    • Of course my broom (I can't stand dirty floors).

    What tips do you have for other working/busy people for keeping up on cleaning and laundry?

    To get on a cleaning/laundry schedule so you can stay on top of the chaos! I have a morning, after school and evening routine so I don't fall behind and get overwhelmed.

    If you were to give cleaning advice to someone who is overwhelmed by the mess and clutter of their house, what would that be?

    Get your kids/partner involved and divide and conquer the chores if you are overwhelmed. Then once you get caught up devise a daily cleaning routine to manage your home.

    What are your favorite time saving cleaning tips?

    I think that the Clorox/Windex wipes are very convenient and save on time. Also, decluttering your house in general will also save on time. With less stuff there is less to pick-up daily and manage.

    Anything we forgot to ask?

    Because we do so much laundry at our house I will typically wash 3-5 loads and then have a folding party all at once for those loads. If I am short on time I get the kids involved. If I need some alone time I turn on Netflix and have some therapy - my kids seems to be allergic to laundry so I am not bothered!

    Well folks, you heard it here first! It’s true…keeping up on the day to day cleaning and laundry can be done. Now that we’ve learned a few time saving tips from Amy we can all kick that clutter to the curb, and say hello to squeaky clean homes! Do you have any sure fire cleaning and organizing tips to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

    Happy Cleaning!



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